Hoe gaat het met de Buurtcirkel in Oostenrijk?

Vorig jaar maart is in Wenen de eerste Buurtcirkel van start gegaan in de vorm van een pilot. Verein LOK, de organiserende partij, is enthousiast en voornemens om nog twee Buurtcirkels te starten. Mooi moment om eens de balans op te maken. We vroegen de projectleider om 3 vragen te beantwoorden op basis van de feedback van zowel deelnemers als vrijwilligers.

How are the participants doing?
They are happy to join various excursions or to be present at cozy chat meetings with coffee and snacks to exchange ideas. The mutual exchange and support were very much appreciated, especially in these difficult times due to the Corona crisis. The neighborhood circle helped a lot when everything was closed, especially if you lived alone, it took us away from isolation.

Wat are the biggest challenges in setting up a Buurtcirkel?
It turns out to be difficult to receive reliable acceptances or rejections from individual participants. And also due to the ongoing Corona crisis, it was not easy to advertise or enlarge the neighborhood circle.

What are the biggest advantages of the network?
Especially the opportunity to to participate in society despite various psychological impairments and financial difficulties. One of our volunteers was able to negotiate a budget for various excursions and activities of the neighborhood group. This was much appreciated. But also the fact that participants can collect ideas together (for various joint activities) and decide together what will be implemented. You don’t have to do it alone!